Heal is used when tending to the sick or injured. Your Heal Proficiency is based on your Wisdom.

Heal Actions

First AidEdit

(at-will standard actiontrained skill saving throw )



One ajacent ally (Heal + target's Constitution modifier vs. Average difficulty)


The target shrugs off one effect that an Endurance saving throw could end.

Stabilize AllyEdit

(at-will standard actionbasic skill saving throw )



One dying ally (Heal + target's Constitution modifier vs. 10)


The target stabilizes as if they had saved successfully. On a critical success, the target may spend one healing reserve.


The target gains no benefit.

Treat Disease or PoisonEdit

(at-will Extended actiontrained skill utility]] )



one afflicted creature (Heal vs. the affliction’s DC)


The affliction’s progression is halted for one day, and the target gains an additional Endurance saving throw to shake off the affliction with a +2 teamwork bonus. On a critical success, treat the affliction as if the target had automatically succeeded at their granted Endurance saving throw.


You provide no benefit.

Treat WoundsEdit

(at-will extended actionbasic skill utility )



You and your adjacent allies (Heal - no difficulty number)


You may perform this action during a short rest. Each target may each spend one healing reserve, and regain an additional number of hit points equal to half the check result, divided as you choose among each injured ally. If multiple trained characters each perform a Treat Wounds action during a short rest, you may add the check results together before halving and distributing hit points.


If you treat wounds during an extended rest, the party regains hit points equal to twice the check result, instead. You may distribute these hit points as you see fit.

Heal Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Heal, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Heal.