History is used to remember historical facts and useful information. When you perform any knowledge check that uses another skill, you may substitute History for the other skill at a -10 penalty. Your History Proficiency is based on your Intelligence.

History Actions

Ancient LoreEdit

(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



History vs. the obscurity of the information.


You remember some particularly useful bit of lore or historical detail that is applicable to the situation at hand.

Translate TextEdit

(at-will immediate actiontrained skill knowledge )



A passage written in another language that you can see
(History vs. the obscurity of the language and subject matter).


In scene time, you may make a single roll to translate an entire document as an extended action, taking approximately 5 minutes per page.


You understand a sentence or two; you may continue performing this action to translate more of the passage.


You need more time to translate. On a critical failure you get the translation entirely wrong.

History Training Feats

If you have Expertise in History, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in History.