Religion is used to understand the nature of gods, religious ceremonies and rituals, and ethical standards. Priests use the Religion skill in conjunction with their access to a divine power source to work their miracles. Your Religion Proficiency is based on your Wisdom.

Religion Actions

Break CurseEdit

(at-will immediate actiontrained skill saving throw )



One curse or affliction that has been placed upon you or an adjacent ally, or one ongoing magical effect that a save could end (Religion vs. the curse’s save difficulty).



You break the curse.

Divine LoreEdit

(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



Religion vs. the obscurity of the information.



You remember some particularly useful bit of lore or religious fact that is applicable to the situation at hand.

Sense AlignmentEdit

(at-will free actiontrained skill utility )



You must have succeeded on a sense motive check against the target earlier in this encounter or scene.


One creature (Religion vs. 10 + the target’s Bluff modifier)



You gain an reasonably accurate read of the target’s probable alignment.


You may only perform this action once per encounter on any given creature unless they perform an action that the Game Master deems provides new insight into their ethical values.

Religion Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Religion, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Religion.